Arithmos - Nefesch and Harrismatic

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Arithmos - Nefesch and Harrismatic

Arithmos - Nefesch and Harrismatic

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True meaning unfolds before your spectator's eyes! Arithmos is the transformation of depiction into the unmistakable magic of prediction. Thought of words and phrases manifest from the ordinary to reveal the extraordinary!

When a magician or mentalist reveals a prediction, usually they just turn over a slip of paper with something written on it. With Arithmos, the prediction is there all the time, but the mentalist reveals the meaning inside the spectator's mind!

Arithmos is a special system used by mentalists to transform normal words and numbers into important dates, names, and even chosen cards. The Arithmos concept is easy enough for beginners, but strong enough for professional magicians and stage mentalists!

- Works in any venue, closeup or stage!
- Audience interaction on an intimate level!
- Easy enough for beginners, strong enough for pros!
- Transform words and numbers into different meanings!

This book is the complete owner's manual for the Arithmos prediction system by Nefesch and Harrismatic. Included is a methodical guide of the Arithmos concept, plus ten amazing tricks!

Why write a prediction only to hide it, when you can reveal a prediction already in view? Arithmos is the mentalist way to be magical. It is an innocent little mind-boggle ready to pounce the moment you say the word!

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