Crystal Car

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Crystal Car

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Beautifully made from crystal clear Lucite - obviously free of gimmicks (or so they think!)

A card is selected from a shuffled deck. Free choice. No force. Shuffle the card into the deck, so it is really lost.

Spread the deck face down on the table.

Bring out the amazing Crystal Car. Show how it works by rolling it back and forth on the table. The car is placed at the beginning of the row of cards. Ask the spectator to roll the Crystal Car along the row.

Suddenly, the car comes to a halt somewhere in the middle of the row. The card where the car stopped is turned over. Of course it is the selected card!

The Crystal Car is hand crafted in solid Lucite. No Magnets; No Threads; No Special Cards; No Sleights; No Set-Up. Its always ready to go! The car does all the work, yet they can see right through it. They'll never find the gimmick! Remember, the spectator pushes the car down the row of cards.

Complete with Crystal Car and instructions. Easy to do!

Dimensions Approximately 2 1/2in x 1 1/2in x 1in

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