Cola Vanishing Bottle

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Cola Vanishing Bottle

Cola Vanishing Bottle

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The Performer shows a sealed Cola bottle full of coke. You can even shake the bottle so that you audience can see the Cola slosh around inside. He covers the upper half of the bottle with an opaque cylinder about 5 inches high (made of white plastic sheet). The entire bottle is then covered with a handkerchief.

The performer now asks for spectator's choice - should the performer vanish the bottle visibly or invisibly?

The Performer then remarks that VISIBLE vanish would be more MAGICAL so he removes the handkerchief and places it in his pocket. The spectators can see the bottle with the cylinder covering the top half.

Now, the performer visibly presses the bottle and cylinder between his hand as if squeezing the bottle into the cylinder. The entire bottle diminishes into the half size cylinder. Finally, the spectator is permitted to look right through the cylinder and the bottle has entirely vanished.

Includes special bottle, plastic cylinder and instructions; provide your own handkerchief.

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