Broom Thru Body Illusion - Peter Loughran

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Broom Thru Body Illusion - Peter Loughran

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The performer introduces a small ordinary looking lobby broom, and places it behind their back. With both ends of the broom visible at ALL times, the broom then melts slowly into the performer's body sideways! The performer twists the broom inside his body in different directions. The performer turns his body from side to side showing all angles that the broom is indeed inside his body and both ends of the broom are visible at ALL times during the illusion. For the stunning finale the performer turns 360 degrees as they pull the broom completely through their body for a thunderous applause.

The illusion is very versatile and boasts other performing applications, including thrusting the broom up through your body, or simply pulling the broom straight through your body in one solid motion without ever taking your hands off either end of the broom!

Great for stage, street performers, illusionists, comedy magicians, MCs, and can be done close up. Also perfect for themed events such as Halloween, Harry Potter, etc.

Special points:
No Special Clothing Required
No Black Art Used
No Special Lighting Required
No Set up
Instant Reset
Packs Small, Plays Big
Extremely Visual, & Very Deceptive
No Body Harnesses
Self Contained
Functions like a regular broom
Performance ready right out of the box!
Peter Loughran's Broom Thru Body Illusion comes complete with specially
constructed gimmicked broom and detailed instructions.

"Peter, This is ****ING BRILLIANT! And you can quote me on that!"
Chance Wolf

"Another awesome idea Peter! Very clever; I wish I had thought of this!"
Jason Palter

"This looks great! With the popularity of Harry Potter this is the perfect topical effect. Funny AND amazing is hard to come by!"
Nathan Kranzo

"Peter your Broom thru body illusion looks SWEET! This is extremely visual! Another winner from Peter Loughran!"
Corey King

"Wow, this looks CRAZY! I've been a huge fan of Peter Loughran's off beat Illusions since the very beginning, and he keeps astonishing me every single time. Peter's latest release: 'Broom thru body', is no exception. It seems you have outdone yourself once again, Peter. Great Stuff!"
Peter Eggink

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