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Micro Psychic

Micro Psychic

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“The Highest Technology” + “The Best Craftsmanship” + “The Finest Precision”= “Micro Psychic”

There is no doubt that “Micro Psychic” is one of the finest tricks we have ever seen. It’s not just a “magic prop”….. It could be called a “Mind-Blowing Work of Artistic Precision”.

Nakashima brought Micro Psychic to some conventions this year. It instantly became the hottest topic among the attendees, and within a few hours, it completely sold-out, even his demonstration model was gone….

Magician introduces a bolt and a nut. Now he asks spectator to fasten the nut onto the bolt half way. The magician holds the bolt, and then he sends his psychic power towards the bolt….. The nut on the bolt visually starts spinning, then completely comes unscrewed from the bolt. The bolt and the nut are completely examinable right after the effect without switching out anything.

The bolt itself contains the gimmicks inside, even the batteries. Because of that, you don’t have to wear a long-sleeved shirt like before. Any kind of clothes is OK, even you are naked, it definitely works. You can hand the bolt and the nut to spectators without switching out anything.

・No Angle restriction
・No Switch out
・No need to reset
・Immediately examinable

Q. Can we change the batteries easily?
A. Yes, they are easy to replace. The batteries should be available at almost any super market, electric store, etc….

Q. Can we show empty hands before and right after performance?
A. Yes, it is possible under specific situations to show your empty hands. (table set up is necessary).
The gimmick with you is very very tiny. As you see on the video, there is no problem to perform on the street (without table).

Q. Does it make any sounds?
A. Yes, but it is a very small sound. The sound is NOT from the gimmick inside.Even if it were not a gimmicked one, when a nut comes unscrewed from a bolt, it naturally causes a sound. It is the same sound because the bolt is actually coming off.

Q. The performer in the video, he is wearing a half sleeve shirt. Is it true you don’t need a long-sleeved shirt?
A. Yes, you don’t have to wear a long-sleeved shirt like before. Half sleeve shirt, t-shirt, or even just naked is OK.

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