David Loosley's Squashed!

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David Loosley's Squashed!

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A card is selected and signed by your spectator then returned to the deck. You now set the deck on the table, or your spectator's hand and a regular bottle cap is introduced.

The cap is slammed onto the deck and instantly vanishes without a trace!

You now spread the deck face down to show that the image of a flattened bottle cap has appeared on the back of just one of the cards. The spectator is allowed to feel the card to verify that the image is stuck tight. You now turn over the card to show that it is the signed selection!

Now for the kicker! You take the single signed selection and hold it over your spectator's cupped hands and pop the card - instantly a real flattened bottle cap falls into the spectator's waiting hands!

You now turn the selection over to show the cap really has fallen from the back of the selection and you leave the spectator with the signed selection and flat bottle cap as a reminder of the strange happening they have just witnessed!

Points to remember:

* The cap that vanishes is totally normal and can be taken straight from the bottle.
* The card is a free selection with no force.
* Leaves the spectator with a memorable souvenir of the effect.
* Perform this in bars, at private functions, corporate engagements - always packs a punch.
* Full training DVD included with multiple handlings and in-depth instruction.
* All gaffs included to perform with either red or blue Bicycle cards.
* Full guide on how to replace the gimmicks or adapt to different bottle caps.
* Ideal for alcoholic beverages or soft drinks.
* Supply your own deck and bottle caps - full setup tutorial included.

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