Dots & Dashes - Schneider

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Dots & Dashes - Schneider

Dots & Dashes - Schneider

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In this effect the audience is shown six coins. Three are copper and three are silver. The silver coins have DASH's cut into them. The copper coins have DOT's cut into them. Two pieces of paper are shown and placed on the table. The three silver coins with DASH's cut into them are placed under one piece of paper while the three copper coins with DOT's cut into them are placed under the other piece of paper. The magic pass is made and the coins are removed from under the papers. The siver coins are still seen to be under the same piece of paper and the copper coins are still seen to be under the other piece of paper. However, one DASH and one DOT have changed placed.

The coins are placed under the papers again and brought out again. Now another DASH and DOT have changed places.

This is repeated a third time- The result is that the silver coins now have DOT's cut in them and the copper coins now have DASH's cut in them.

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