Funken Ring - Sparking Hand Flasher

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Funken Ring - Sparking Hand Flasher

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The classic spark-making device. Conceal it in your hand. When activated (next to a microphone, wall outlet, etc.) the Funken Ring shoots a stream of bright sparks

We also carry the original German made version by Voit

These are new/old stock and the packaging may not be perfect, however they are new and unused. We will open and test them before they ship as a couple of inexperienced customers stated they were junk, didn't work, etc

However, they just might need adjustment. Near the button, there is a small set screw which is where you change the flint or adjust the tension on the flint.

Funkenring is the name of the product, not the brand. The German company that produced these is Voit. Theses are not the German model, but very comparable - at 1/3 the price!

We have used and sell both models. We've had Voit models that were garbage and did not last. By replacing the flint or again, adjusting the screw (slightly tightening) these will work as well as the German models. Generally a softer flint works much better, but wears much faster. A good cigar shop can hook you up I have ripped both models apart, there is virtually no difference. The Voit Funkenrings retail for $28.50 ea plus shipping. When I demo these side by side, guys will buy one of two of the cheaper ones then one of the German.

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