Healed and Sealed Soda

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As Presented By David Blaine in his TV Special "Vertigo"

Healed and Sealed Soda

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Get enormous reactions when you perform the effect David Blaine used in Vertigo to entertain the world.

The performer shows the audience an empty, crushed can of soda. Magically, the can starts to unfold and all the dents pops out until the sides are perfectly straight again (see the photos above). Then, with just a touch, the opening seals up. The can is now in perfect condition, as if it has been moved backwards in time. It is not only healed and sealed, but the can has also become magically refilled, which is shown as the performer opens the can and pour himself a drink.

One normal can is used. The soda is normal, and can be consumed. The can is handed out. No switch.

This effect was invented by Anders Moden in 1997. In 2002, the TV-rights for this effect was bought by David Blaine and it was performed in the TV-show "Vertigo".

You will learn:
How to crush the can in full view.
How to start the effect with a full, unopened normal can wich you open, empty, crush THEN Heal and Seal and open again, once again pouring the drink.
Variations suitable for different situations: Stage, close-up and (almost) impromptu.
Several different ways to prepare for the effect.
Examples of how to use this principle for a transposition effect.

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