Rice Bowls Aluminum - Clay Finish

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Rice Bowls Aluminum - Clay Finish

Rice Bowls Aluminum - Clay Finish

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The rice bowls are a classic of magic which has stood the test of time. The performer displays two bowls which are seen to be completely empty.

Setting them on a table he fills one with rice then levels off the rice at the brim. Placing the other bowl on top of the first and holding them rim to rim, he says a few magic words. When the bowls are separated it is seen the the rice has DOUBLED in quantity...now filling BOTH bowls.

The bowls are emptied again and placed rim to rim once again. This time when they are separated they are filled with WATER which is poured from bowl to bowl.

This set of bowls is ingeniously constructed so that there is no clumsy plastic disk to deal with.

NO skill required for this amazing self-working effect.

Made of aluminum with a Clay look finish.

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