Sands of Time - Reed McClintock

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Sands of Time - Reed McClintock

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You begin by telling a story about once being a watch repairman and luckily enough you still have your repair kit. You remove your watch for all to see, placing it in your hand and pulling a hammer out of your kit. You act as if you're going to smash your hand, then explaining that it's just a joke, put the hammer away. You squeeze the hand that's holding the watch and a rush of sand falls to the floor. You reach into your pocket to stop the flow and then pull your hand out to show it empty.

A seemingly endless flow of sand is now pouring out of your other hand. Once the sand stops pouring you show your hands empty. You then use the hammer as a wand, waving it over your arm. You pull your sleeve back to show the watch has reappeared on your wrist. You accept your applause and show both hands empty. One final time, sand pours out of both hands. You take another bow as you show your hands completely empty again.

Impute and credit go to: Roy Benson, Fred Kaps, Jeff Hobson, John Blake, Reed McClintock, and Jerry Andrus. They all had inspiration, ideas and concepts put to this product, The Long Salt Pour. There hard work yields a fantastic product for you to use in your next show!

One Large precision made salt pour gimmick
One Small precision made salt pour gimmick
Reed McClintock's creative take on this classic effect.

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