The Raven

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"The ultimate visual vanish"

The Raven

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The ultimate street magic magician's vanish. Highly Recommended!!!

Imagine the power of this awesome effect: You show a coin and place it on your hand (or even a spectator's hand for added power). With complete confidence you wave your hand (fingers open) over the coin...

The coin vanishes right before the spectator's eyes in one of the most visual moments in all of magic. The best part is, your hands end up completely clean!

No sleights, no odd moves. This is truly one of the best investments in all of street magic.

Besides the vanish, you can even make the coin turn into another coin or shrink it into a miniature-size coin. Many additional effects are possible with bills, matchbooks, and playing cards.

Why we Love it-
It looks like real magic.
It's a professional effect that's easy to perform
We love blowing away other magicians when we perform the Raven in short sleeves!
It's a great investment because many other effects become possible when you own the Raven.

Q: How long will it take me to learn to perform vanishes with the Raven?
A: It'll take you about an hour of practice before you're performing vanishes like a pro.

Q: Can I really perform it in short sleeves?
A: Yes, and your hands end up perfectly clean.

Q: Is any sleight-of-hand expertise required to perform the Raven?
A: No, the Raven does all the work.
Manufacturer Says

The Raven has been called one of the best tricks of the last decade!

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