Ultimate Chinese Sticks - Kovari

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Ultimate Chinese Sticks - Kovari

Ultimate Chinese Sticks - Kovari

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Think back when you were a kid. Every trick was a new treasure and how you couldnt wait for your birthday when your collection was sure to grow.

Unfortunately you couldnt buy every miracle made and today those minor miracles are considered collectors items today.

The Kovari Ultimate Chinese sticks were probably on that list, that is if you were lucky enough to know they existed. Unlike every other model of Chinese sticks ever made these beauties allow the string to stretch three times the normal length.

If youre not familiar with the routine all we can say is, as you pull the short string the long string retracts into the stick. The audience believes the string is running down the end of one stick and out the end of the other, until you separate both sticks and continue the routine.

Then George Kovari employed a mechanical principle for increasing the workload of the gimmick by three fold. Since then, the mark of perfection is the Ultimate Chinese sticks.

Now, by popular demand, these masterpieces of magic are being made again saving you the time of hunting them down at auction. There are several improvements in the mechanics and appearance recently developed by master craftsman Jay Leslie.

Mr. Kovari through special arrangements, has sold the rights to one of his most sought-after effects. Only a limited number of these most sought after very clever devices are again available in their improved style.

Imagine the comedy appeal of pulling both strings over 5 feet out of the sticks! First you perform the routine like normal, then accidentally pull one string longer then expected and proceed to match it - then exceed it - in a comical and perplexing manner until each string is as long as five feet. Some performers stand on a chair allowing the tassel to drag on the floor.

New updated instructions are included with a few never-before published ideas for performance and we include a numbered certificate of authenticity giving you the privilege to perform the best made and most amazing version of the famous chinese sticks ever made.

Read on and learn about the latest improvements:
1. The main tube is smaller then the original. Matter of fact, it could slip inside the original model.

2. Thin pieces of custom made decorative embellishments were fused to all four sides of each stick, creating a upgraded magical appearance. When you hold the sticks four or more feet from the audience the tube may blend into your background and the remaining colored decoration creates the illusion of the sticks being much smaller then they really are.

3. Even though the gimmick fits in a space thats 27 percent smaller it weighs one ounce more giving you absolute control. You can cause the string to smoothly retract as slowly as you want. You can even start it or stop it on command!

4. The tube is shorter (only 17 inches or 67cm) which allows the sticks to pack smaller.

5. Jay has also thoughtfully installed stops near the top of the sticks on the inside. The stops prevent each gimmick from rubbing against the string and prevent the string from ever binding.

There are other improvements we dont have space to write about here, but take our word for it -- the Kovari Ultimate chinese sticks will be considered the best chinese sticks ever made by many performers. You will be thrilled when you open the package and pull the strings the first time or even the thousandth time. You will own a modern piece of magical history you can put in your collection and also proudly perform in your show.

There are a limited number available and we are proud to say that you cannot buy them anywhere else for an extended time because Hocus Pocus was instrumental on the entire project.

Comes complete with performance and instructional DVD!

"These are the smoothest - cleanest - nicest chinese sticks ever made." -- Jay Leslie

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