Wine - Oh! Wine (Milk) To Light Bulb NEW VERSION

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Wine - Oh! Wine (Milk) To Light Bulb NEW VERSION

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We made some great changes and REDUCED the price!
The gimmick is now removable which allows the shade to fold flat. If you've ever done a Milk In Light bulb routine you know what a pain it is to transport the lamp shade.
New gimmick connections, less visible and smoother working
Changes in production and bulk purchasing has allowed us to reduce the price and put out what we believe is the finest magic lamp on the market

A lamp is seen on stage, lit. A wine bottle and glass are displayed along with a menu from an elegant restaurant. The magician pours a drink into the glass which remains suspended in mid air. The wine is poured from the glass into the menu, the pages are opened and the wine has vanished.

At the exact moment the wine vanished, the light bulb went out. The magician walks to the lamp, removes the shade and finds the wine is now inside the light bulb. The bulb is unscrewed, the wine poured into a glass and the magician toasts his audience*

Numerous other variations and themes can be presented. For example, take a Beer bottle out of a paper bag, "pour" the beer into the bag, crush it and make the beer reappear in the bulb.

For a kid show, have a child select a crayon, make in disappear and reappear in the light bulb or produce candy in the bulb.

Of course, the classic Milk In Light Bulb can also be presented with this prop. Other items may also be used - Silks, Dollar Bill, Card, etc.

Only limited to your imagination. . . .

*Airborne Glass and In The News sold separately

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