About Sterlini Magic Mfg

Sterlini Magic Mfg "officially" began in 2001 with the launch of ads in Magic Magazine. Since that time, it evolved from an internet based business to a real brick and mortar store located in Colon "The Magic Capital of the World" Michigan.

Sterlini Magic Mfg, is a supplier of magic tricks & illusions to professional and amateur magicians throughout the world. We have built and supplied props to some of the top names in magic - Silvan, Ed Alonzo, Jason Byrne, Michael Finney, Jeff Hobson, Dan Sperry, Laurent Beretta and Franz Harary just to name a few.

In addition to our own line of quality props and supplies for magicians, you'll find a store full of stage & close-up magic, street magic and card tricks for all your magic supply needs.

While primarily an internet based company, as mentioned, we are also a real "brick and mortar" store. Our store is open seasonally from approximately Memorial Day through Labor Day. If you planning a trip to the Magic Capitol, we will be glad to open our doors for you, day or night. Please contact sales@sterlinimagic.com to set an appointment

Never been to Colon? Well, time to plan a visit! With several magic events throughout the year and more magic shops then stop lights, why not plan a trip?

We are honored to be a part of the Colon magic community and greatly look forward to adding to the rich magical history that makes this tiny town so loved.

We look forward to being your number 1 stop for all your magical supplies

Thank you for visiting Sterlini Magic Mfg

John Sterlini
Sterlini Magic Mfg
208 E. State St
PO Box 208
Colon, MI 49040
Sterlini Magic Mfg

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